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oneirophrenia o·nei·ro·phre·ni·a (ō-nī'rə-frē'nē-ə, -frěn'ē-ə) n.
A mental state that is characterized by hallucinations and other disturbances and is associated with prolonged deprivation of sleep, sensory isolation, or psychoactive drugs.

Uncle Pooch’s newest release would do a tripped out Huxley proud. On Oneirophrenia, the Seattle experimental metal band opens the doors to a distorted world of instrumental metal, free jazz, thrash, sludge, grindcore, and warped field/street recordings. If listeners weren’t experiencing oneirophrenia before listening to the record, they probably will be after. But don’t worry; though oneirophrenia can be a bit unsettling at first, it always ends up leaving an impression.

The album packs all of the music into one seamless 33-minute track, and then breaks that up into 7 shorter songs. The final cut (track 9) is a vocal version of Razor Wire, featuring Year of the Dragon frontman Rodcore Palmer and Dirty Walt Kibby of Fishbone.